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 Certified Real Estate
 Transaction Coordination


Transaction Coordinating- Listing or Selling Side

When you represent one side of the transaction. (Buyer or Seller)


Transaction Coordinating- Double Ended File

When you represent both sides of the transaction. (Buyer and Seller Same Agent)


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 Top Notch Transactions,"TNT", is your independent CAR certified real estate transaction management team. Our mission is to make your life easier while allowing you to provide your clients with a team like professional experience at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time employee. 


Statistics show that on average an agent spends approximately 25 hours on a transaction from opening to close of escrow. That is why our top priority is to provide the solutions you need to help free your time so you can focus on growing your business.


TNT takes the utmost pride in serving our clients which is why we believe in taking the time to set up a game plan that is customized to you and your business needs and goals. Our approach to transaction coordinating allows us to work with all real estate agents and brokers with ease. 

We are committed to providing fantastic customer service and are dedicated to helping real estate agents like YOU!


Top Notch Transactions carries own E&O insurance



Attention Any and All Agents and Brokers  Top Notch Transactions has saved my sanity!!! I am a hands on broker who is detail oriented to the extreme.  Only Top Notch Transactions has enough of a work ethic for my taste.   I have tried, and been disappointed by five other TC services.   This one is now the exclusive company of choice for Arris Properties, from the first transaction till now, and for the rest of my days!  Not Kidding!   

Shannon is an incredible transaction coordinator. She is very computer savvy and is familiar with a wide level of platforms and organizational methods. She is my second set of eyes and points things out in contracts that may need my attention. She keeps the transactions moving forward smoothly and seamlessly. By keeping track of contingency periods and notes on transactions, she cuts out the paper chasing for me which frees me up to more effectively manage client relationships. With her help, we now run a paperless office. On top of everything, she has a phenomenal positive attitude and tackles everything without complaints. Highly recommended! 

Let's be honest, as realtors we're all looking for the best possible transaction coordinator we can find. Many of us are looking to build our team with the most reliable professionals who understand our business. Shannon has TC'd several of my files and I can truly say she is the best TC I've ever used (and I've used some REALLY good ones). Knowledgeable, very organized, always on time and very professional! #myTCforever #bestofthebest

Natalie Sjaardema, Broker

Bahareh Kamoei, Broker

Lowell Fulson III, Realtor

We have been working with Shannon for some time now and she provides excellent service to our clients as part of our services. She is very efficient, computer savvy and is very organized. She is our third set of eyes reviewing contracts. From the beginning of a transaction to the end of the transaction Shannon keeps the transactions moving forward smoothly and seamlessly. Shannon monitors contingency periods and notes on transactions, saving us hours of time so we may more effectively manage relationships with our clients and attend to the many other duties of a Realtor during the transaction. With her help, we now run a paperless office, you will receive a full digital file of all transaction documents at close of escrow. Shannon has a cheerful, can-do and tackles everything without complaints. Shannon is an incredible transaction coordinator. We appreciate Shannon and you will too!

I recommend Top Notch Transactions to all!! Not only am I very happy with them they gave me the peace of mind I was looking for. I called them in the middle of a transaction to help and they were prompt to say yes. They put my file together quickly, communicated with the other agent and got all necessary items. I like how they update me every week and are on top of everything. All I have to do is ask them once and things get done. I've found the right team for me. Thank you!!!

Christina Rodriguez, Realtor

Kimberly Jones & Denise DeCaro, Realtors



Questions? We have answers!

Why do you need a transaction coordinator?

You don't! As a licensed real estate professional we know you are fully capable to manage your transactions. However, wouldn't it be nice to have more time to sell and less time worrying about paperwork? That's where we come in! 

Do you carry E&O insurance?

ABSOLUTELY! We are insured through CRES

Do you meet with clients in person?

No we do not. We are a virtual service, everything we do is done electronically.

What are your hours?

Office hours are 9am-5pm Monday-Friday

Where do you service?

Our home state California!




PO Box 10962

Palm Desert, Ca. 92255